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New Plymouth

Signature Engineering Business

This long established business is genuinely offered for sale as the owner is looking to retire. The track record of this business reflects significant attributes associated with financial performance, customer loyalty, product quality and measurable dedication.

This offering is also includes the opportunity to purchase land and buildings in a key location in New Plymouth. 

To gain a foothold in Taranaki with growth and expansion predicted in the energy sector, the timing is perfect for investment in arguably one of New Zealand's premier regions. 

A long established and well recognised business that has industry depth and recognition. This provides a platform for a new owner to either consolidate or develop new products for expansion. The team have combined  skill,  competence and loyalty to give surety to new ownership.

This enterprise has demonstrable niche market advantage and is strategically positioned to be able expand this market for wider revenue streams. 

Stainless Steel fabrication, Aluminium fabrication, EQ strengthening are the basics of this business but many additional services add substance and diversity.

Of significance is the opportunity to acquire a very desirable land holding well positioned in New Plymouth. This land area is approximately 4000 sqm and can be acquired separately or contemporaneously with the business.

Summary of Offering

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Additional Business information

Established in 1953, the business specialises in providing comprehensive manufacturing engineering services tailored to commercial, residential, rural, petrochemical, marine, and food industries. The recent introduction of Plasma Cutting brings new opportunities for the company and its clients. With a proven track record, the business is recognised as the go-to choice in Taranaki for earthquake strengthening, demonstrating a genuine passion for conserving the region's heritage buildings. Committed to adhering to New Zealand and Australian standards, as well as meeting the rigorous health and safety requirements of the oil and gas industry, the business prioritises the well-being of its team and stakeholders. Active participation in Sitewise, BeSafe Taranaki, and holding Council approval further highlights its dedication to safety and excellence in operations.

Strategic Acquisition
  1. Integrated Expertise: Harness the power of a single enterprise providing Heavy Structural Engineering, Crane & Transport, Oil & Gas Services, and Cooling Tower Fabrication, all major product / project deliverables.

  2. Proven Track Record: Benefit from a history of successful projects showcasing excellence in heavy structural engineering and services to the  Oil & Gas Sector.

  3. Efficiency in Execution: Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless project deliverables, on time and exceeding expectations.

  4. Versatility in Solutions: With a wide range of deliverables, from Heavy Structural Engineering to Cooling Tower Fabrication to special needs solutions thereby tapping into diverse solutions for various industry needs, enhancing the service portfolio and market presence.

  5. Strategic Advantage: Gain a competitive edge by acquiring a business that offers not just services but a holistic solution package, covering the critical areas of Heavy Structural Engineering, Crane & Transport, Oil & Gas Services, and Cooling Tower Fabrication.

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​"Dive into an unparalleled investment opportunity with a strategic land asset in Central New Plymouth. Comprising three titles, this prime location features substantial structural improvements, creating a development-ready canvas. Zoned for industrial, the strategic fusion of three titles and existing enhancements promises accelerated growth and immediate value creation. Seize the moment to invest in a future where prime location, structural advantages, and visionary potential converge."

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